The 5 Habits Holding You Back

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Habit forming goes hand in hand with success. Encouraging healthy habits is a massive part of our programme. It’ simple to think of healthy habits that we should engage but lets look at some of negative habits that may be preventing you from reaching your goals. These habits affect people in all aspects of life, from your health & fitness to career and personal life.

Falling Victim to Time Vampires

These are things that take up your time each day with little or no reward. People waste so much time of every single day doing non productive things. The amount of time things like Facebook and TV take up each day can be staggering. I don’t how many times I’ve had clients that didn’t have time to train or prep meals, but somehow had time to watch two hours of TV every night. Constantly checking your phone for Facebook/twitter updates and emails is another time vampire. The other area that these bad habits affect us is by affecting our circadian rhythm and  sleeping habits when we use them at night time.

Always Changing Your Approach

Constantly chopping and changing from one fitness approach to another is another sure fire way to halt progress. This may be constantly changing your training programme or using different dieting techniques. This approach is unfortunately facilitated somewhat by the fitness industry with it’s constant supply of ‘new & groundbreaking’ approaches for people to fall foul of. Don’t believe the hype, find a suitable plan or programme for you and give it time. If you have tried everything and nothing hasn’t worked for you, unfortunately the most likely reason is because of you. Regroup, reassess and reapply yourself.

Limiting Yourself

We see this all of the time with clients and it one of our biggest pet hates. Most people have set themselves up for failure before ever attempting to get fit or lose weight. ‘I couldn’t do that’ or ‘that’s not for me’ are things we have heard plenty of times before. Every single person can achieve anything they want to achieve by setting their mind to mind. It seems to be a particularly Irish trait too. I’m no good at that or I’d never be able for that. Whether it is in fitness, your personal life or career, please stop limiting yourself. If you want a job, apply for it. If you want to get fit, figure out a way and do it. If you want to go somewhere on a holiday, save up and go. The entire world, both physically and also from an information standpoint has never ever been so accessible so take advantage of that fact.

Convincing Yourself You Need a Break or a Treat

This is one that has to do with people being too emotionally attached to food. The habit of turning to food every time you get pissed off is doing you no favours in the long run. We all do it but it should be few and far between. Without realising, doing this every other day really adds up. The other aspect of this is being good with your food and training for 4/5 days and then going totally mad at the weekend and somewhat undoing all of your hard work. We are all for a bit of flexibility and a cheat now and again but there is no need to go eating and drinking anything you can get your hands on, just for the sake of it. The good days shouldn’t be so horrific and regimented that you feel the need to go wild for a break from it. This is a 2 steps forward, one back approach that will slow your progress down.

Waiting For the Right Moment

There is no such thing as perfect timing in my eyes. There is always something conflicting on your mind when it comes to decisions. I have never had perfect timing for any of the major decisions I have made in my life and I wouldn’t be here today had I waited for the right moment. Strike when the iron is hot and deal with everything else at a later stage. There is no time like the present! I’ll do it next week, I’ll sign up next month, I’ll be good from Monday and I’ll join a gym in January are all just excuses that we tell ourselves to make us feel better.