Beat the Christmas Bulge


Tips for a Healthy Christmas

Christmas is a great time of year and a time to be enjoyed. The festive season brings lots of opportunities to socialise with friends and family. Indulgence and over-indulgence is something that goes hand in hand with the festive season. Unfortunately the consequences of this is usually weight gain. Generally people seem to accept that this festive season weight gain will happen and thus, the cycle continues year and year with the health and fitness resolutions then every January. It is always easier to gain weight than to get rid of it!

Try and stick to your nutrition principles. Everything doesn’t have to go out the window just because it is christmas. There are some principles outlined below that should help you stay on track. You can actually enjoy all of the usual treats and cheats of christmas and still stay on track with just a few simple strategies that I’ve outlined below.


Aim to continue and hit your daily protein targets. Include protein in every snack and meal. Also focus on eating your high protein foods first at your big meals before you go for the high calorie options. This will keep you fuller for longer and leave you less inclined to overeat for the rest of the day.


You will be less inclined to go off track if you start the day the right way. Focus on a high protein breakfast and try to stay consistent as this is one of the only meals that you may have full control of over the festive period.


Try and stick to clear alcohols and go for low calorie mixers such as soda water.


The combination of not so good foods and higher alcohol intake may leave you dehydrated. This will have knock on affects on your day to day energy and recovery. Aim to stay well hydrated each day with at least 2 litres of water per day. Use dioralytes or other electrolyte replacements products to aid hangovers!


Get up and move! Even just a few short easy training sessions over the christmas will help to off set some of the eating and drinking. Commit yourself to a routine and stick to it. The simple act of just building up a sweat over 30 mins every other day will be beneficial. Don’t fall into the trap of waiting until Jan 1st.

Put a Lid on It

You don’t have to crazy and eat everything in sight just because others do. If you are satisfied at a meal, stop eating. The same applies to the box of celebrations or roses. You don’t have to finish them all.

Above all else though, enjoy the time spent with loved ones!

Have a great christmas,

Alan & Brian