F4L 7 day elimination diet

Free Download – 7 Day Elimination Diet

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With summer approaching you are guaranteed to see more and more posts about various ‘detoxes’ and ‘juice diets’. You know the teas that celebrities endorse, the juice diets that promise the world and the other short term diets that leave people feeling woeful.

These are complete garbage, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Your liver is constantly detoxing 24/7. That is it’s main function. There are no detoxing foods but we can help our livers certainly by cutting out foods that create more work for our livers, alcohol being the best example of this.

Think of this 7 day elimination diet as a reset button. You will feel all of the benefits that detoxes promise, whilst eating real foods and you’ll also cut out most of the common food intolerances.

You may find that certain foods do or do not agree with you when you reintroduce them after the week.

We have had members have great results using this strict plan ahead of important dates in the diary or holidays!

Download the file here – F4L Elimination Diet

Please let us know how you get on with it

Alan & Brian :)