Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you, Here are a few of the most common questions we get. 

Q. Do I need equipment to complete the home workouts?
A. No. You can complete all of the home workouts without any additional equipment.
Q. Is this program suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs?

A. Yes, we modify our plan to suit anybody with any specific dietary restrictions.

Q. Is this program suitable postpartum?

A. Yes! Our home workouts vary from beginner to advanced so there is something for every fitness and flexibility level.

Q. Is this program suitable for all ages?

A. Our program is adult only. Our members range in age from 18-65. It’s never too late to become healthy and fit.

Q. I am very unfit and don’t exercise at all. Can I join?

A. Yes! We cater for all levels of fitness and experience. As a matter of fact we set up Fitness 4 Life Ireland to help people just like you. 

Q. Do you have to be in Ireland to sign up?

A. No, this programme can be done from anywhere in the world once you have internet access.

Q. Will I definitely see results?

A. Yes! How much you adhere to the programme will determine your results. You have heard this before right? But what we do is put you on a rockstar group of women who are supportive and are crushing it. We will kill ourselves to get you some results. 

Q. Is this a restrictive diet?

A. No. There are no points or calorie counting. There are some restrictions placed on food types and timing but overall this is a healthy way of eating more so than a diet. We want Real Women on our forum eating Real Food and Getting Real Results. 

Q. What Happens When I Sign Up?

A. It's a very simple process, as soon as you sign up our robots notify us you have signed up, then either Brian or Alan will get in touch ASAP. We are fast and getting faster so expect to hear from us that day. 

Ready to get started? Lets get you signed up and ready for ACTION